CBD Office

Concept Development & Design


Inspired by the architectural juxtaposition of the contemporary site with the adjacent historical Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, as well as the Japanese concept of ‘Ma’ – time and space in between objects.  This design will incorporate unexpected elements to create a stimulating and innovative energy.  The intervals between them will become “the silence between the notes which makes the music” - soft, tonal and textured.  The design will offer a welcoming oasis of calm from the bustling surrounding retail & commercial precinct.  


Spaces will be obscured and revealed through a series of concealed doorways.  Rectilinear grids will be contrasted with curved forms and coloured glass panels, creating an environment that celebrates diversity and remains closely connected to the RMIT university campus.

concept collaege_edited.jpg
revised workspaces.jpg
concept collaege_edited.jpg
tiered seating from side_edited.jpg
concept collaege_edited.jpg
concept collaege_edited.jpg
materials board.jpg