Ronald McDonald House

Concept Development & Design


Inspired by the concept of “light at the end of the tunnel” and the inherent need for hope in dark and difficult times, the interior of this Ronald McDonald House will provide families with a warm, calm and balanced home away from home.  It will support and empower them to navigate through this extremely challenging period of time in their lives.  


The interior spaces will include pockets of light and shade, facilitated by the natural orientation of the sun, the use of different colour palettes and materials as well as directional lighting & custom furniture, to create a sense of purpose and conscious movement from dark to light - towards hope and peace.

the light house_edited_edited.jpg
section 1_edited.jpg
Basement kitchen, eating & lounge_edited
section 2_edited.jpg
Ground floorplan - FINAL_edited.jpg
basement floorplan - FINAL_edited.jpg
materials board.jpg